Helping leaders serve Jesus for the long haul.

Opening Again In January 2022
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A Ministry of Lisa Whittle


Ministry Strong exists to strengthen leaders so they can use their gifts to serve Jesus for the long haul.



Strong & Steadfast

Help leaders stay strong and steadfast by offering ongoing healthy practices for ministry longevity

Useful & Timely Tools

Provide useful and timely ministry tools for Ministry Strong's unique integrity training

Quit-proof Coaching

Give relationship coaching in order to quit-proof ministry leaders in especially difficult seasons


Ministry Strong is perfect for...

  • Church Leaders

  • Pastors

  • Online Ministry Influencers

  • Women's Ministry Leaders

  • Directors of Non-Profits

  • Pastor's families

  • Ministry Volunteers/Coordinators

  • Authors/speakers

  • Seminary/Bible college students

  • Missionaries/Mission Teams

We've been pouring into leaders for years through retreats and coaching.


Now it's time to take our community online to reach more ministry leaders.

What's included in the Ministry Strong membership?

Each month you will receive:

  • 1st Tuesday:  Teaching from founder, Lisa Whittle
  • 2nd Tuesday: Core 4 - 4 current resources (including book recommendations, counseling tools, latest apps, soul care items)
  • 3rd Tuesday: Leadership LIVE Interview with a guest
  • 4th Tuesday: Get Together, Q&A, Small Groups

Should I Join? YES If any of these apply to you...

  • You often find ministry hard and lonely. 
  • You long for a place to connect with other ministry leaders who deal with the same things you do.
  • You truly love serving Jesus but you need better boundaries in your position.
  • You’re unsure how to navigate difficult issues like race, mental health, sex, etc.
  • People are the main cause of your burn out. 
  • You feel criticism comes regardless of your decisions, and it’s discouraging. 
  • You need better tools for engaging with a changing online culture.
  • Your staff culture is toxic. 
  • You’re struggling to care for your own soul because all your time is taken caring for others. 
  • You feel pulled between your family and your call. 
  • Ministry is overwhelming and “I quit” is a common thought. 
  • You’re unsure how to lead in times of crisis.
  • You struggle to cultivate real friendships and know you lack accountability. 
  • You feel unequipped to handle the moral failure or scandal that has or could occur involving a staff or church member
  • You feel a growing pressure you need to address to stay well.
  • You deeply desire for your children to grow up and love the Church.
  • You never take necessary time off.

The Backstory of Ministry Strong

Ministry Strong was birthed in the heart of Lisa Whittle in 2017, when her pastor-father went to heaven. It was then that the Lord challenged her with this word to her heart, "what are you doing with all you know?" As the daughter of a pastor from the time she was born, Lisa lived in 6 states by the time she was 12 years old, as her father took on different pastorates. A charismatic leader and powerful orator, Lisa's father weathered many ministry storms through the years, including an indictment by the IRS in the 1990's, which took its toll on the family weathering it with him. Having gone on to attend seminary, herself, marry an ordained minister, serve for a short time as church planters/pastors, starting ministries as a lay-leader and now an author/speaker and ministry leader, herself, Lisa knows firsthand the many unique struggles of a ministry leader, both in and outside of the walls of a church. Her heart has always been to serve the Church, and her belief is that by helping strengthen ministry leaders, we help keep the spiritual climate of our country vibrant and well.  

For that reason, Lisa has consulted with various pastors and leaders from all over the world to research their current needs.  She has gathered a small team of pastors, church planters, former missionaries, support staff, and non-profit founders to help her with her vision to serve leaders with ongoing support through Ministry Strong.

More About Lisa >

Dr. Derwin L. Gray

Co-founder, Lead Elder-Pastor Transformation Church & Author: The Good Life: What Jesus Teaches About Finding True Happiness

The world needs Scripture passionate, steady leaders in a turbulent, difficult time.  I'm grateful for the resource of Ministry Strong and the leadership of Lisa Whittle.

Adam Weber

Lead Pastor of Embrace Church
& author of Love Has A Name

There are few people I trust and look up to more than Lisa. She knows ministry and leadership within churches better than anyone, plus she has a huge heart for pastors and church leaders. Life (and ministry!) is a marathon, not a 50-yard dash—Ministry Strong will help pastors like me finish the race.

Ike & Sharon Miller

Pastors at Bright City Church (Durham, NC)

In recent years of ministry, we have asked Lisa every question under the sun. Without fail, she has spoken into our leadership with insight and clarity we have not found anywhere else. Lisa has unmatched wisdom and a laser-like read on leadership dynamics, all forged by a life of ministry. Ministry Strong is the wealth of knowledge she has long been sharing with us.

Lisa Bevere

NYT Bestselling Author &
Ministry Co-founder of Messenger International

I love that Lisa has taken the time to weave together the hard won wisdom that she gleaned as both the daughter of a minister and a minister so that we can all grow & learn.  Ministers will always have a rough road ahead of them, but when we go it alone we set ourselves up for failure. Thank you Lisa for Ministry Strong!


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  • 4 Monthly deliverables plus all additional trainings throughout the year and other support communication
  • The Ministry Assessment (helps you know where you are right now)



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  • Founding member price for the life of your subscription
  • 4 Monthly deliverables plus all additional trainings throughout the year and other support communication
  • The Ministry Assessment (helps you know where you are right now)
  • BONUS - Reclaim video series

Ministry Team


For You + 5 Team Members

  • Founding member price
  • 4 Monthly deliverables plus all additional trainings throughout the year and other support communication
  • The Ministry Assessment (helps you know where you are right now)
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  • BONUS - Reclaim video series

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